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We update our website and add new features regularly, with our goal being that you should be able to use www.chabadeq.com for everything that's going on at Chabad of Eastern Queens. So stay tuned, keep checking in and keep us informed about what you would like to see on your online "Home for Jewish Life and Learning."

Chabad is an organization whose international presence of over 3,000 centers world-wide and diverse range of participants are united in a simple philosophy; Love every Jew, reach out to every Jew, educate every Jew.

For more information about the global Chabad Lubavitch movement and its philosophy, Please click here.

Chabad of Eastern Queens  welcomes Jews from every background, observance level, and affiliation. Our goal is to encourage study, commitment and Jewish pride.We provide religious, social, recreational and educational events; a place for you and your family to discover the joy and meaning of Jewish living!