Covid-19 Health Guidelines for Summer 2022


                These health guidelines will need to be signed by an adult or legal guardian of every camper.

The following guidelines are Being put in place to endure the maximum safety of every camper.



1 . All campers will have  their temperature taken every morning upon arrival in camp. In addition they will be asked a few questions about the Heath of the family members the child lives with.

2. Parents will not be allowed to exit their vehicle when they drop off or pick up their children. They must wear a mask when dropping off or picking up their children.



3. Every group of campers will be limited to the amount of campers allowed by the health dept.

.- Any entertainment ( Mad Science , magic shows etc )will only take place outside or in the gym in a large enough area for there to be the correct amount of social distancing between every group, and between the groups and the performer. 

 every group acts as an independent 'family' for the summer.



4.   The camp will schedule the maximum time possible for the campers to spend outdoors, broken up by time indoors as well.

5. All campers and staff must wear a mask anytime they are outside their bunk room. Staff will follow the guidelines of the health dept.



6 . All campers and staff must use hand sanitizer upon arrival in camp. Camper and staff must use hand sanitizer or soap  before and after eating and whenever they start or conclude and activity using general camp supplies.

Staff will be supplied with hand sanitizers. Every room will have hand sanitizer available as well.

7 . Parents will be expected to fully cooperate with all the above guidelines and encourage their children to take them seriously.

In addition we will ask every parent to enforce a strict 'social distance 'socializing rule for the weekends when they are not in camp.

This will ensure that the children in every ' camp family' will not be exposed to multiple potential sources of infection over the weekend.

 8. We are fully aware that these guidelines might be modified during the months before the summer season commences and during the summer season as well. We will notify you of any changes to these guidelines as we adopt them.